Our Work

CVCJ provides a restorative justice (RJ) process as a diversion from criminal prosecution or in situations outside of the legal system. Anyone can reach out to CVCJ to ask about RJ–referral sources include people who have been harmed, people responsible for harm, prosecuting and defense attorneys, victims’ advocate groups, schools and prisons. The RJ process creates space for people to make amends directly to the people they have harmed. The process encourages accountability, supports healing, and builds relationships.

Central Virginia Community Justice explicitly names and aims to counter mass incarceration and racial disproportionality through the use of restorative justice. The program seeks to serve participants from all populations, particularly those who are often not well served by the criminal legal process.

Restorative Justice
From referral to agreement
1. Referral
An individual, attorney, or service provider refers a situation to CVCJ. Once all involved have agreed, CVCJ assigns facilitators and the process begins.
2. Groundwork
The facilitators speak with each person to learn their perspective on what happened, how it affected them, and what they would like to accomplish in the restorative process. Facilitators can connect participants with any needed services and supports.
3. Restorative Conference
When all participants are ready, the facilitators invite them to a restorative conference. At the conference, all participants get a chance to share their story, tell how they were affected, ask for what they need, and make a plan
or agreement that meets everyone's needs.
4. Follow Up
After the restorative conference, the facilitators follow up with the participants to ensure that the agreement has been completed to everyone's satisfaction. For criminal diversion cases, the criminal case will then be closed.


Central Virginia Community Justice provides the following services:

  • Restorative Justice criminal diversion for youth and adults
  • Restorative conferencing (non-criminal)
  • Education and outreach

Services are provided at no cost to participants.