Tomorrow Talks | Restorative Justice in Real Life: A Workshop on Communicating to Repair

Date & Time: February 21, 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Tom Tom Foundation, 100 South Street West ##1D Charlottesville, VA 22902

In this interactive session, Erin Campbell and Rydell Payne from Central Virginia Community Justice will introduce us to restorative frameworks and practices that can strengthen us as individuals and as an interconnected community.

CVCJ’s restorative justice is used innovatively by Charlottesville and Albemarle’s criminal legal systems, diverting cases away from the courtroom so that crime and harms can be addressed directly by those most impacted. People who have been harmed ask for what they need to heal, and those who are responsible for harm grow by taking action and accountability. Erin and Rydell will share some stories of CVCJ’s powerful work, and how, when we are treated with dignity and given space to reflect, we are more willing to step into accountability and empathy.

This workshop will introduce “circle process,” a way of slowing down the conversation to hear and share what’s at the heart of the matter. Then, participants will be invited to apply RJ principles to a situation in their own lives. We’ll use journaling, pair share and group share to ponder how RJ can bring healing, repair and safety to situations of harm and conflict happening in our community right now.

Come prepared for this workshop – bring along your journal and pen!

All tickets are donation based on a sliding scale ($15 – $35).

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